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Apart from its remarkable content, a Heidelbeerg bottle has to offer much more than simply being a means to an end. Its lavish, complex design loves to astonish the beholder with ever-changing features – depending on one’s perspective, the lighting of the surroundings, or even the lighting of the bottle itself. Heidelbeerg bottles always come with a strong, powerful LED attached to them in order to create the ultimate visual experience. Don’t be surprised if you want to keep yours around even long after it has been emptied.




The prestige spirit is being presented as a “Royal Premium Edition”. Hand-crafted from local ingredients it presents itself as tenderly soft and offers a fresh character combined with a touch of nut. The pleasant, slightly oily finish reminds of Heidelberg’s oleasters – one of the city’s most remarkable features besides the Heidelberg Castle, the Old Bridge, the university and – as of late – Heidelbeerg Vodka.
Heidelbeerg Blueberry
The newest sensation from the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region – with Heidelberg as its cultural trailblazer – surprises right from the very first sip with its smooth, fruity-sweet freshness. Hand-crafted in traditional Heidelbeerg-fashion, this flavoured vodka lovingly ensnares the taste buds and excites the senses. Its consumption is an unparalleled experience which one should not miss out on!